INDIAN actor Alyy Khan has said his new film, The Valley, deals with “strong connections” at a time when technology is “desensitising the majority of us”

Khan plays Neal, a successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, whose character goes through a tumult of emotions when his daughter, an undergraduate, takes her own life while at university.

“The issues the film deals with are extremely relevant and need awareness hence,” Khan told Eastern Eye, adding that though it is a work of fiction, “the narrative and characterisation have a certain responsibility”.

“The Valley is an important story which needs to be told,” Khan added.

Directed by Saila Kariat, the film has won a clutch of awards on the festival circuit, including Best Original Screenplay at the Madrid International Film Festival, and Best Feature Film at the Long Island International Film Festival.

The crew shot the movie in a record 21 days in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Khan is known to British audiences for his role as Ramu Sood in the Channel 4 drama Indian Summers, and previously in movies such as A Mighty Heart.

He spoke of his hope that his new film will appeal to a wide audience, from teenagers to parents and especially mothers.

“It transcends colour and ethnicity because of the commonality of the issues,” Khan said.

The father-of-two said his role as Neal was “emotionally very demanding and draining”

What does he expect audiences will take away from the film? “To reflect on priorities and be thankful of the universe’s bounty,” Khan said.

Khan will be seen next in a children’s animated film, followed by an espionage thriller.

The film premiered earlier this month and will be shown in screens across Britain.

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