Aditya Singh Behal

British-Asian teenage racing prodigy Aditya Singh Behal (16), who got prizes at various motor-cycling events across the UK, seeks funding to compete in the British Talent Cup which is open to 13-17-year-olds. Aditya began racing at a national level in 2011 when he became the first Sikh to ever compete in the FAB British MiniMoto Championship. He was also the first-ever Sikh rider to race with the British SuperBike Championship.

Aditya has been competing on a modest budget so far. in 2015, he finished the British MiniGP 50cc Championship season in second place with a budget of £3,000, while the winner’s budget was over £25,000.

Aditya’s father who manages him said that his biggest obstacle has been racism.

“Aditya has to deal with online hate as well as abuse in-person, mostly from companies and individuals that they have approached for financial assistance,” he says.

Aditya’s biggest fan was his grandmother, who took great pleasure in seeing him on track and TV. She helped him purchase his race bikes as well as providing entry fee and tyres. She attended almost every race that he competed in no matter the weather or her health. Unfortunately, she passed away last year, and Aditya lost his biggest supporter.

Aditya says that he takes a great deal of inspiration from Sikh, particularly his determination and fearlessness. He has had to make many sacrifices to pursue his passion.

“Determination, respect and humility are what makes Aditya an honest rider, and in that he embodies what it is to be Sikh. In any sport, it is easy for a competitive spirit to turn into negativity. On the track, he is focused on winning once he is off. He is always the first to check on anyone who got hurt and offer words of advice to the younger riders,” his father says.