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New ways to keep the faith during Ramadan

FAITH leaders have spoken of engaging with members of the community to halt the spread of Covid-19 during Ramadan, with the country in lockdown. Government...

Hancock thanks Muslim community for maintaining lockdown during Ramadan

Health secretary Matt Hancock has thanked British Muslims for staying at home over Ramadan. All mosques in the UK will be closed for the month...

Feeding family memories

  COMMENCING and breaking a fast during the holy month of Ramadan is a great time of togetherness for families at mealtimes all over the...
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The essential ramadan shopping list

THE holy month of Ramadan brings Muslim families and communities from all walks of life together to reflect, obs erve and appreciate the many...

Some Tasty treats for Ramadan

Mujaddara - Middle Eastern Lentil Pilaf Mujaddara is an easy, tasty one dish meal for iftar time and has plenty of health benefits as lentils...

The Importance of staying healthy

MANY find it difficult to keep healthy and energised during the month of Ramadan. Eating at night rather than during the day can affect...