Games have always been a great interest in society. A break, a distraction from everyday stresses. This hobby has reached truly lofty heights in the 21stcentury with the video gaming industry booming all over the world. Newzoo expects 2018 revenue from digital games to amount to $125.3 billion, 91% of the global market. Mobile gaming is predicted to maintain its dominance with a growth of +25.5% ahead of both console and PC games. But the world is a big place. Seeing how individual regions are faring should give us a better idea of the magnitude of video gaming success.


United Kingdom

With 2,261 active companies in the country, it is little wonder that its 32.4 million gamers spent £5.11 billion in 2017. Impressive statistics reveal thatGraft Theft Auto made about 3.5 sales per minute, generating more than £240 million. But a growing market demands greater products. Fortunately, developers are more than happy to pursue them. Standards rise, in terms of graphics and gameplay, especially with bestselling titles like Call of Duty, upgraded constantly by Activision, and so do customer satisfaction and revenue.


Mobile gaming truly does rule this growing powerhouse, its worth already at $890 million. The increase of smartphone users, estimated to total 530 million in 2018, has naturally contributed to the demand for games to accompany the devices. Forbes lists powerful investors, like Youzu, AGTech Holdings and Tencent, that help India’s prospects flourish, especially in developing VR technology and eSports; the latter supported by 4 million gamers.



Here too, video games are proving to be a valuable commodity. Companies, the Financial Post reports, contribute $3.7 billion to the country’s annual GDP, while providing 40.600 jobs. Ontario’s 171 developers are at the forefront of financial success with 58% increase in profits since 2015. Browsing a table from this site, a collection of Canada’s most professional and profitable online casinos, shows the public’s persevering interest in all types of fun as the companies such as LeoVegas and Rizk continue to offer welcome bonuses to attract further custom. Even if mobile games seemed to suffer by 2017, the other platforms – online, console and PC – saw a strengthened position.


At the pinnacle of video game history, this country takes up the largest part in the industry’s global market. Among other hopeful predictions, its domestic revenue is calculated to amount to $35 billion by 2021, which is not unlikely considering the positive response to ventures, like PC games being adapted for smartphones and the release of Playerunknown’s Battleground, building the fan base of the battle royale game genre. Truly, it is here that the fever for eSports, mobile games and other technologies burns the hottest. And, as we have seen with India, there is no shortage of investment in promising enterprises.


The commonalities between countries are just as interesting as the differences. While China remains the most effectively productive, it shares with other regions a sharp increase in mobile gaming demands. From one continent to the another, patterns emerge that support the extraordinary figures we see year after year, always growing, changing and demonstrating the global power of video games.