19 April, 2014 Last updated at 9:22 PM
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Major report says foreign doctors not as competent

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Foreign doctors should face tougher tests before being allowed to practise in the UK a major report published by the British Medical Journal said. Experts, from University College London and Cambridge and Durham universities, on Friday (18) said there was a "performance gap" between the UK schooled doctors and foreign ones, adding that medics trained ...

BBC doc alleged mayor increased funding for certain groups

POLICE have said there is "no credible evidence of criminality" after looking at files from an east London borough which was suspected of fraud. Its comes after a BBC Panorama documentary alleged that Tower Hamlets mayor, Lutfur Rahm More Real life news »

Bride’s new life in the UK was ‘built on lies’

by Reena Kumar THE distraught father of a new bride who was strangled to death and burnt in an incinerator after she discovered her husband was gay has described his life as being over following her murder. Jasvir Ram Ginday, 29, from Wals More Real life news »

Former counter-terror chief to investigate 'Islamist plot'

EDUCATION Secretary Michael Gove sent in a former counter-terror chief to investigate claims of an Islamist plot to take over schools in Birmingham. Peter Clarke, who headed the police investigation into the July 7, 2005 London bombings, was a More Real life news »

Opinion poll gives absolute majority to BJP

THE Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its allies are set to win a narrow majority in the world's largest democratic election, the latest opinion poll showed on Monday (April 14).   India's oppposition party, led by prime-min More Real life news »
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by Imran Choudhury TH
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Diageo doubles drinks firm bid

DIAGEO on Tuesday (April 15) launched a new $1.9-billion (£1.1bn) offer to take control of Indian whisky maker United Spirits as the British drinks giant looks to expand
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Nokia offers VRS at Chennai factory

NOKIA is offering voluntary retirement at a factory at the centre of a tax dispute after a review of the regulatory environment in countries where it operates.  
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Atletico Madrid, Sachin T
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Super Sergio

Mercedes are the kings of Formula One, but it’s unheralded Force India who have assumed the role of heir apparent, leaving mighty Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari in their

Sri Lanka to throw biggest party for World T20 victory

SRI LANKA was preparing to throw its biggest party since the end of the country's ethnic war on Monday (April 7) after beating India in the final of cricket's World T2


Shreya’s Hall of fame

Last year, Shreya Ghoshal made history by delivering a sell-out show at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall. One of the greatest singers of the modern era will be recr

Captain America fails to Marvel

by Imran Choudhury THE Marvel machine is on overdrive at the moment with a raft of comic book franchises dominating the big screen. With Amazing Spiderman co


Etihad’s profit up 48 per cent to $62m in 2013

ETIHAD Airways, the fast-growing carrier of Abu Dhabi, said on Monday (March 3) it posted a 48 per cent increase in its net profit last year, reaching $62m (£37.22m), as

Mumbai’s iconic Irani cafes dwindle

IN THE late 19th and early 20th centuries, hundreds of eateries known as Irani cafes sprouted up in Mumbai due to a wave of Persian immigration.   One of the most


Microsoft to launch Xbox One in 26 more countries

MICROSOFT said on Tuesday (March 19) it would launch its new Xbox One gaming and entertainment console in 26 additional countries by September, ramping up its efforts against

Social networks step in to curb gun sales

FACEBOOK Inc and its photo sharing subsidiary, Instagram, will delete posts offering to buy or sell guns without background checks, Facebook announced on Wednesday (March 5).

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